LATEST VERSION (Jan 22): 0.9.8-26



Web Interface
php / javascript Lightweight and fast
Web interface is open source php and
javascript interface based on Vesta open API,
it uses 381 vesta CLI calls
Vesta Core / API 381 commands available in console see full list
Vesta core is written in bash. It is native programming language of linux server administrators. They see dreams in bash, thats why vesta grows so fast. Server admins are those people who know how to fix problems and how server inner structure should look like. Bash and gpl allows Vesta to fix problems and implement new features very fast.

GPL GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENCE Version 3 see licence text

The GNU General Public Licence is a free, copyleft licence for software and other kinds of works. Its free to change, modify and redistribute source code.

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iptables fail2ban
NGINX + Apache NGINX + php-fpm Apache
Web scripting languages php
Monitoring tools Monit Webalizer AWStats RRDtool
SpamAssasinantispam solution ClamAVantivirus engine
DovecotIMAP/POP3 server Exim + RoundCubemail server
MySQL + phpMyAdmin PostgreSQL + phpPgAdmin

CLI INTERFACE Like to work in terminal? Vesta gives you full control at your fingertips.


Glad to introduce Softaculous Auto Installer:

Focus on using apps rather than installing them

learn more

Softaculous is one of the best Auto Installers. It has 426 apps like Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop, phpBB available for Vesta Control Panel and still adding more.

Softaculous not only helps users to install a script but also helps the user throughout the complete lifecycle of the script by allowing the user to Upgrade their installations with one click, Clone the installation to another location, Backup/Restore the installation and Importing installation from remote servers as well.

Softaculous is available as a FREE or a Premium Auto Installer. The Premium Auto Installer is available for a very low yearly price which can be found here. The Free License has 55 scripts while the Premium one has 426 scripts.

Some of the Features include:
  • One Click Install
  • 426+ Apps
  • Daily script updates
  • Multilingual
  • Backup/Restore
  • Clone
  • Remote Import
  • Demos
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Easy to use API/SDK
  • 24X7 Support
see full list
Get Softaculous Premium One Month License for FREE
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SFTP Chroot

Restrict users so that they cannot use SSH and access only their home directory.

Two things to consider before we get off the ground:
  1. FTP passwords are transmitted un-encrypted. It is not safe to use ftp in public wireless networks.
  2. SFTP requries shell access and allows your user to access files in /etc, /sbin or /bin directory.
A chroot on Unix operating systems is an operation that changes the apparent root directory for the current running process and its children. A program that is run in such a modified environment cannot name (and therefore normally not access) files outside the designated directory tree. The term “chroot” may refer to the chroot(2) system call or the chroot(8) wrapper program. The modified environment is called a “chroot jail”. From Wikipedia.
As shared hosting administrator, you may want to give SFTP access to user whom you do not completely trust. Preventing users from moving round the filesystem is a must for many web hosting servers. SFTP chroot plugin is used for preventing users from seeing each other and viewing sensitive information.
TO ACTIVATE SFTP CHROOT YOU'LL NEED TO GET LICENSE KEY Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for services provided by
Licenses are IP-based and you can use only one per installation