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The Vesta Control Panel could not exist without the continued generous support from the community. We are grateful for the commitment and support of our corporate sponsors.

News and promotions hosting companies from all over the world.

MonoVM offer reliable high quality RDP admin which use Windows helping us to provide real dedicated. resources that are either chosen through your plan or customely specified upon request. Our servers are powered by Intel E5 CPUs. You will have access to you Remote Desktop with. unlimited bandwidth and uninterrupted access to use the pre installed software. This service is offered with pre-configured specifications and optimum options tailored to meet your needs and preferences.

FusionWorks is a Moldova based IT company specialising in complex web, mobile and devops solutions.

FusionWorks was founded in 2011 by two software engineers – Genadii Ganebnyi and Anton Perkin with its headquarters in Chisinau, Moldova. Later in 2014 it opened its marketing branch in USA. Currently FusionWorks consists of 50+ experienced professionals in different IT domains. - hosting made by professionals for professionals. High speed and reliable KVM VDS based on high performance SSD.

VPSville.RU provides VPS / VDS services and Cloud hosting since 2010. The main principle of our company - a willingness to engage in dialogue with the customer and to meet all its needs. We provide VPS with 10 Gbps network, fast SSD and CPU from 2.8 to 3.6 Ghz with turbo boost technology.

Hosting Canada started as a local web design company and quickly evolved to become a leading educational resource for Canadians looking to build their own website. Our guides cover everything from design to the basics of building your first online business.

McHost is a fast and extremely reliable hosting of premium level suitable for any projects. Service of the highest quality to meet all customers needs.

A2 Hosting is a leading web hosting company offering a full range of services including VPS and cloud services. Try us today to see the A2 difference in speed, performance, and support!

isicore provides high performance hosting and IaaS solutions built on Open Source technologies like Proxmox, Ceph, Debian, VestaCP and others. Our operating centers are located in Germany (Duesseldorf) and Switzerland (Zurich).

HostSuki is a leading russian web community offering a hot hosting news and full range of services including Dedicated Servers / VPS, software licenses and technical information. is a leading VPS hosting company which is offering 3-way storage for your virtual server. The highest performance available in the market for running a VestaCP control panel with templates like Ubuntu, Debian and many more. Providing 24/7 support by chat and delighted customers. Guaranteed the best I/O performance!


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