LATEST VERSION (Jan 22): 0.9.8-26


Version 0.9.8-27 (Planned)

  • New front-end interface
  • New front-end interface for File Manager
  • Debian Buster support
  • Debian Bullseye support
  • Ubuntu Focal Fossa support
  • Fix bugs from Github
Planned on Oct 18, 2021

Version 0.9.8-26

  • Let's Encrypt HTTP/2 support
Released on Saturday Jan 22, 2020

Version 0.9.8-25

  • Security bugfixes
  • LEv2 idn fix
Released on Tuesday Thu Aug 15, 2019

Version 0.9.8-24

Released on Monday April 15, 2019

Version 0.9.8-23

  • User backup exlusion list bugfix
  • Improved authentication forms
Released on Tuesday Oct 12, 2018

Version 0.9.8-22

  • Cloud backup integration AWS/GCP
  • API security fix
Released on Wednesday June 27, 2018

Version 0.9.8-21

Released on Monday May 14, 2018

Version 0.9.8-20

  • Security fix for auth module
  • Ubuntu 17.04 support
  • Debian 9 support
  • IDN support for Lets Encrypt
  • New system of web templates
  • Nginx template for HTTP2
  • New translation packs
Released on Monday Apr 9, 2018

Version 0.9.8-19

  • Fixed backup restore function
  • Fixed uploads function of File Manager
Released on Wednesday Jan 10, 2018

Version 0.9.8-18

Released on Friday Dec 29, 2017

Version 0.9.8-17

Released on Friday Nov 25, 2016

Version 0.9.8-16

Released on Monday Juny 27, 2016

Version 0.9.8-15

Released on Friday November 06, 2015

Version 0.9.8-14

  • New UI theme
  • PHP-FPM support
  • RHEL/CentOS 7 support
  • Server configuration via web iterface
  • Unlimited host pacakge support
  • Fixed security bug #HTB23261 (OS Command Injection) Thanks to High-Tech Bridge Security Research
  • Fixed security bug #CVE-2015-2861 (CSRF vulnerability) Thanks to Ben Khlifa Fahmi from Tunisian Whitehat Security and CERT(R) Coordination Center
  • Fixed security bug #VST26329 (Password hijacking) Thanks to Sergey Martynov
  • Turkish language support by
  • Chinese (Taiwan) language support. Thanks to 吳汝剛
  • Greek language support by Cemendur
  • Swedish language support. Thanks to E.C. Westgren
  • SHA2 SSL Support for certificate generator
  • API key generator. Thanks to Stuart H Jimenez
  • More specific function for detecting Ubuntu. Thanks to Henri Hulski
  • TimeZone API calls
  • Hide/Unhide password JS feature
  • CloudFlare IP pool support for Nginx
  • Default IMAP folder auto-creation
  • Remote backups via SFTP. Thanks to Sergey Abramchuk
  • Quita a lot of minor bugfixes
  • Special thanks to all our contributors
Released on Wednesday June 03, 2015

Version 0.9.8-12

  • Firewall service handler for Debian and Ubuntu
  • Minor i18n fix
Released on Thursday October 23, 2014

Version 0.9.8-11

  • Firewall support
  • Fail2ban support
  • Sudo support for admin user
  • Cron email reporting switch
  • Improved SSL validation
  • Minor design improvements
  • Unsuccessfull login attempt logger
  • Fix for fase sensitive dns records
  • Fix for webstats
  • Fix for ftp user login
Released on Wednesday October 22, 2014

Version 0.9.8-10

  • Improved UI
  • MultiFTP Support
  • Exim Queue Chart
  • Arabic Language file. Thanks to Bashar Al-Abdulhadi
  • Italian Language Support. Thanks to Fabio Cagliero
  • Finnish Languge Support. Thanks to Juho Räsänen and Onni Hakala
  • French Language Support. Thanks to nhoway
  • Hungarian Language Support. Thanks to Kovacs Akos
  • Improved SSL CA Validation
  • Detailed report on mysql dump error
  • Restart Confirmation Dialogue
  • Autorefresh Module for Graphs
  • Switched service manager from init.d to service command
  • Switched free memeory rrd overlay style to linear
  • Updated nginx extention list. Thanks to Vasily Kraev
  • Updated skel templates. Thanks to Jason Hanes
  • Urlencoder for DNS Cluster API
  • Fixed dnsbl+authentication router. Thanks to Mirek Kratochvil
  • Fix for tar version earlier than 1.24 to preserve directory ownership
  • Fixed autoupdate script. Thanks to Kijamve
  • Fixed some spelling errors. Thanks to Estratos Consulting
  • Fixed backup exclusion for cron objects
  • Fixed MySQL autostart issue on Ubuntu 14.04
  • Fixed Awstats template parser for Ubuntu 14.04
  • Fixed NameServer validation bug
  • Fixed FS-Quota conversion. Thanks to demlasjr
  • Fixed spelling. Thanks to Jakub Ďuraš, Kotso, Dustin Dauncey
Released on Monday August 4, 2014

Version 0.9.8-9

  • New options for vesta control panel installer. Run --help to see them.
  • Shared SSL certificate for Exim/Dovecot/Vesta
  • File System Quota support
  • Norwegian translation. Thanks to
  • New script to change system hostname
  • Fix for upstart service handler
  • Updated Ukrainian translation. Thanks to Alexandr Loskutov
  • Improved RRD Memory Graph. Thanks to Demian
  • Updated Dutch translation. Thanks to Ricardo
  • Fix for dns gmail template. Thanks to flangefrog
  • Fix for fwd_only rule. Thanks to demlasjr
  • Fix for oversized backup tarballs
  • Fix for exim mail user on Debian
  • Fix for better vhost matching in get_web_config_brds()
Released on Sunday May 18, 2014
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Version 0.9.8-8

  • Auto Updates
  • Backup Exclusions
  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS support
  • Dutch language support by drMacFaulty ( and Ricardo (
  • RRD Memory graph improvement
  • RRD Graphs access restriction
  • Separate log for vesta errors
  • Slave node in DNS Cluster can work without bind service
  • Detailed email report if backup failed because of high LoadAverage
  • Fixed bug: missing pages (404 error handler)
  • Fixed bug: nginx configuration error on rebuild
  • Fixed bug: template verification on domain restore
  • Fixed bug: backup ownership
  • Fixed bug: preg_match() ruleset
  • Fixed bug: 1024 DKIM keys. Thanks to demlasjr
  • Fixed bug: trailing dot after changing dns record
  • Fixed bug: wrong exim user (Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Fixed bug: uppercase email accounts
Released on Friday April 18, 2014
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Version 0.9.8-7

  • German language support (Nevil Verdoold)
  • Indonesian(slank) language support (Rumi)
  • Chinese language support (Kevin
  • CSR web generator
  • JS hint on dns record creation
  • Single-character email usernames support
  • Improved DNS record validation
  • Explicit errors when service restart fails
  • Fixed bug: logged-in message window
  • Fixed bug: missing FWD_ONLY flag on restore
  • Fixed bug: MX and CNAME (IDN support)
  • Fixed bug: nginx restart trigger on template change
  • Fixed bug: awstats months associations
  • Fixed bug: SSL template change
  • Fixed bug: PostgreSQL database status
Released on Thu Feb 20, 2014
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Version 0.9.8-6

  • System info and reboot button on the service page
  • Portuguese language support (Diego Hernandes)
  • Quick to webmail and pma links after successful object creation
  • Checkbox to preserve forwarded emails
  • Database host selector for db cluster
  • Robust dns cluster sync
  • User backup/restore logging
  • Database names can contain dots
  • Database user field is now changeable
  • Spaces are now allowed in First Name and Last Name
  • Custom 3rd party links can be set in the vesta.conf
  • Domain transfer to another user account
  • Database transfer to another user account
  • New script to display DKIM records in Bind format
  • Fixed bug: return code for is_mail_new() (Ursadon)
  • Fixed bug: email accounts restore (Ursadon)
  • Fixed bug: restore button
  • Fixed bug: package change on Debian and Ubuntu
  • Fixed bug: webalizer and awstats on Debian/Ubuntu
  • Fixed bug: remi awstats package
  • Fixed bug: date and time on database creation
  • Fixed bug: API encoding artefacts
Released on Thu Nov 28, 2013
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Version 0.9.8-5

  • Ubuntu LTS 12.04/13.04 and Debian 7 support
  • Default DKIM key size has been increased to 1024
  • Autosuspend unreachable dns host
  • Improved graceful restart support
  • vesta.conf can be used to override predefined variables
  • Fixed bug: exim antispam/antivirus protection
  • Fixed bug: case-service listing func on RHEL/CentOS 5
  • Fixed bug: remote ftp backups on RHEL/CentOS 5
  • Fixed bug: web-updates on Ubuntu
  • Fixed bug: additional ftp accounts on Ubuntu
  • Fixed bug: user rebuild on Ubuntu
  • Fixed bug: dns removal func on Ubuntu
  • Fixed bug: dns case-sensitive records (Ursadon)
  • Fixed bug: autoreply permission file (l170v)
Released on Tue Oct 15, 2013
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Version 0.9.8-4

  • Fixed bug: crontab ownership
  • Fixed bug: DNS cluster 5-minute sync
  • Fixed bug: nginx template switcher
  • Fixed bug: LoadAverage check (Ursadon)
Released on Tue Sep 17, 2013
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Version 0.9.8-3

  • JS hints when adding database or ftp domain
  • Package trigger suppor
  • Czech language support (Sergey Sorokoletov)
  • Updated romanian language file (Sergiu Badan)
  • Improved html layout
  • Fixed bug: zero cron (Shamil Yakupov)
  • Fixed bug: uppercase domains
  • Fixed bug: dns cluster sync
Released on Tue Sep 10, 2013
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Version 0.9.8-2

  • Introduced nginx template trigger
  • Template update function
  • Fixed bug: missing ssl certificate on restore
  • Fixed bug: wrong disk usage key
Released on Tue Jun 11, 2013
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Version 0.9.8-1

  • DNS Clustering
  • Web-log viewer
  • Romanian language support
  • SFTP supports
  • Orange color to highlight active or hovered elements
  • Clickable rows to check/uncheck objects
  • Manageable DNS record order
  • Default template option in hosting packages
  • Fixed bug: i18n login
  • Fixed bug: missing ns3 and ns4
Released on Wed Jun 05, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-22

  • Fixed bug: SSL certificate delete/update (Magentron)
  • Fixed bug: database host validation (Magentron)
  • Fixed bug: null data calculation
Released on Mon Apr 08, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-21

  • New php-fpm and php-nginx packages
  • Fixed bug: custom ftp port
  • Fixed bug: locale values for i18n support
  • Fixed bug: bandwidth calculation
Released on Sat Apr 06, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-20

  • Backup recovery
  • FTP backups
  • Backup system preserves file permissions
  • Email notification if backup error occurred
  • Button for online backup creation
  • Ukrainian language support (Roma Prokopyshyn)
  • Official Nginx repository integration
  • Improved template structure
  • SNI support
  • Improved web and dns rebuild functions
  • Trigger for vsftpd pasv_address option when NAT IP is defined
Released on Thu Apr 04, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-19

  • Spanish language support (Omar Gonzalez)
  • Clean looking navigation menu background
  • Fixed bug: mail config removal
  • Fixed bug: BW calculation
  • Fixed bug #64: email notification when db creation failed
Released on Tue Mar 05, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-18

  • WHMCS support (sponsored by
  • Improved html layout
  • IP owner on the IP page
  • Reread IP address function
  • Fixed bug: missing package names
  • Fixed bug: ip removal
  • Fixed bug: shell acces on package change
  • Fixed bug: broken dns unsuspend function
  • Fixed bug: traffic calculation
  • Fixed bug: incomplete mail account listing
Released on Wed Feb 27, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-17

  • Support for NATed network
  • Improved FTP permission model
  • Changed DNS suspend behavior
  • phpMyadmin/pgMyAdmin support
  • New installer
  • Codding convention
  • Fixed bug: blank screen on wrong login/password
Released on Mon Feb 18, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-16

  • New color scheme
  • Service manager
  • Live updates
  • Multilingual support (ZonD Eighty)
  • Fixed bug: IDN support for awstats
Released on Mon Jan 28, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-15

  • Fixed bug: chmod 751 on cgi-bin folder for fcgid/cgi support
  • Fixed bug: domain already exists
  • Fixed bug: dashes instead of underlines in rebuild script
Released on Mon Jan 14, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-14

  • Thin line under navigation menu to indicate scrolling area border
  • Full emailbox name on edit page
  • Uppercase arguments in cli help
  • Webmail password change module
  • Number of records on the list button
  • Send database credentials via email
Released on Tue Jan 08, 2013
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Version 0.9.7-13

  • Improved ssl certificate validation
  • Clickable links in return status string
  • Database charset validation is temporarily disabled
  • New names for CSS styles to prevent adblock filtering
  • Improved mod_fcgid template
  • Threads was excluded from RRD LoadAverage calculation
  • Overall server statistics
  • Human friendly DNS expiration date formatting
  • Navigation menu improvement
Released on Mon Dec 24, 2012
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