How to install Vesta Control panel

  1. Connect to your server as root via SSH
ssh [email protected]
  1. Download installation script
curl -O
  1. Run it

The Vesta Control panel can be installed on a RHEL, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu server. For a smooth installation you will need clean system "minimal install base". If installation fails you can force it using --force option. If you want to get full list of available options run installer with --help argument.

Installer categorizes servers into 4 groups. Micro - less than 1Gb of RAM. Small - less than 3Gb of RAM. Medium - less than 7Gb of RAM. Large - more than 7Gb of RAM. Antispam and Antivirus packages are only installed on a medium and large servers. Micro server also do not support phpfcgi template. However, you can install missing software manually. See corresponding articles for details.