Template description


default - no additional settings, works well for most sites

basedir - to fight against phpshells using openbasedir directive

hosting - separate php limits for each domain (php_admin_value memory/safemode/etc)

phpcgi - template to run php as cgi. can be useful to run php4 or php5.2

phpfcgid - to php as fcgi (automatically installed on a server with > 1Gb of RAM)

wsgi - template to run python projects (can be installed manually)

Apache template actually consists of three files. File with tpl extension is used to build usual virtual host. File with stpl extension is used to build SSL vhost. File with sh extension is optional. It can be used as trigger to run additional shell commands on domain creation. For details see phpfcgid.sh template


default - serves static content, works well for most sites

hosting - disable_symlinks directive to protect from symlink attacks

сaching - dynamic pages are cached for 15 min to handle spontaneous traffic aka reddit-effect

force-https - force users to https/SSL (can be installed manually)


default - general dns records

gmail - predefined records to host mail on google app

child-ns - template for vanity name servers

Templates can be found in the /usr/local/vesta/data/templates/ directory. Feel free to modify or copy them to create new custom templates. After modifying existing template you need to rebuild user configuration. This can be done using v-rebuild-user command or bulk operation in the web interface (drop down list on a "User" page).