How to set up own Name Servers (vanity/private/child nameservers)

If you want to manage DNS zones using Vesta Control Panel, you will have to create 2 dns records, point them to server IP address and use them as a nameservers for the domain. In this example, we will use and

Domain registrar

Every domain registrar has a different method of setting up private name servers. Below you will find instructions on how to create record in GoDaddy Account Manager.

  1. Log in to your GoDaddy account manager
  2. Next to domains, click launch
  3. Click on the
  4. In the settings tab, click manage next to host names
  5. Click add hostname
  6. Enter the ns1
  7. Enter the IP address of your server
  8. Click add
  9. Repeat above for the ns2
  10. Change name servers for to and

Vesta Control Panel

Once the private nameservers registration is complete, you need to configure Vesta Control Panel.

  1. Add domain (leave DNS Support mark checked)
  2. Go to DNS menu
  3. Click on edit under
  4. Change template to child-ns
  5. Go to Packages menu
  6. Edit package called default
  7. Set and as nameservers

After you have done all steps, you can now set all of your domain names to use and Please note that it may take up to 24 hours while dns records will start working.